The budget and supply implications of not being able to operate Well #4 and/or buy water from Calleguas are severe.

In this prior post, we reported that Crestview may not be able to buy as much imported water as shareholders need.  In fact, we may not be able to buy any water at all and must survive on only what we pump.  Here, we reported that Well #4 … Read more

Good news:  Crestview is planning to rehabilitate Well #4 in the next few months. 

Well #4 had to be shut down August 15, 2021 because of declining water levels.  The draft budget for FY2022 assumes Well #4 will have to remain offline throughout the year and shows purchased water costing $925,450.  This compares with actual purchased water costs of $312,132 in FY 2020 and … Read more

Restrictions on water consumption coming to Crestview soon.

General manager Robert Eranio told the Crestview board on October 28, 2021 that he expects a State mandated ban on outdoor water use to take effect December 1, 2021 and actual shortages of imported water deliveries by February or March 2022.  Several cities in Ventura County have already implemented use … Read more

A 53.6% rate increase will be considered by the Crestview board October 28. Here’s why.

From the General Manager’s report discussing the draft budget:

If the Board accepts Staff’s recommendations on the above rate structure, the average shareholder will see a 53.6% increase in annual water cost over 2021 for the same amount of water.  A low water user will see a 26.9% increase and

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Introducing an information source and forum for shareholders of Crestview Mutual Water Co.   

Our mutual water company is facing multiple crises, and the secretive board of directors is floundering.  The purpose of this blog is to share and discuss information among shareholders so we can work together to get Crestview on a good path forward.

  • Well #4 became so unproductive that it was
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