Crestview year in review—the good, the bad, and the ugly (Part 1)

Regrettably, Crestview achieved nothing good in 2021, but plenty of bad and ugly.

January:  A Crestview shareholder (who is also a respected CEO of a large public company) advised the board that he had met with opponents of Well #7 and advised that Crestview needed to make significant concessions about … Read more

It appears our groundwater pumping rights may be set for the long term at about 4% less than our 2022 allocation. 

A partial settlement (subject to court approval) has been reached in the case filed in March 2018 to adjudicate the respective rights of all to pump groundwater from the Las Posas Valley Groundwater Basin.  This affects all Crestview shareholders, as the settlement confirms that we individually own the water rights … Read more

The Crestview board falsely blames the rate increase on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and “fierce opposition” to Well #7.

Crestview’s recent rate increase announcement was appropriately on a red card because what it says right after the new rates is a flagrant foul–denying the truth that the rate increase was due solely to the board’s mismanagement of Well #4 and falsely blaming it on the Well #7 fiasco.

Well … Read more

Crestview’s aging infrastructure makes news with cost and potential health implications.

The Crestview board held an emergency meeting in executive session on Saturday, December 11, to consider “Potential Litigation—Emergency Repairs Pipeline Relocation—Avocado & Ramona.”

When Public Works started this month to replace a culvert, they uncovered a “deteriorating” Crestview water main running under the Avocado Place pavement at a depth that … Read more

Crestview still faces millions of dollars of cost overruns for Well #8, even after amending the Calleguas contract.

The contract between Crestview and Calleguas provides that all capital costs above $2.1 million must be borne by Crestview.  At the November 29 board meeting, Crestview approved an amendment that raises the cap to $3.3 million, but a realistic cost estimate is $5-6 million.

As previously explained, Well #8 … Read more

Budget approved.  New water rates take effect January 1, but might be changed again mid-year.

The Crestview board has unanimously approved the FY 2022 budget with a few changes from the draft.  The higher rates will not start until January 1.  Staff compensation increases were not included in the budget approval motion.

If less water is sold than in the average of the last … Read more