There are two possible options to put Well #4 back into production. At the February 24 meeting, the board requested more information before deciding.

The downhole survey of Well #4 showed a new pump at a lower level will have to be a less efficient “submersible pump” (motor at the bottom of the well).  There are two options, both with a payout of 6 months or less.  Option one:  A 250 HP pump capable … Read more

Highlights of the board’s agenda for February 24:  Options for Well #4, progress on Well #8, the schedule for the annual financial review and shareholders’ meeting, and “corporate governance” 

The Well #4 drive shaft connecting the motor at the top and the pump at the bottom is rubbing the casing wall.  Putting in a deeper pump would make this worse.  A submersible motor-pump unit at the bottom will work but is more expensive and uses electricity less efficiently.  These … Read more

Crestview reopens the money tap on Well #8, even though all the problems remain. 

Crestview has recommenced spending on Well #8.  The architect took drone images of the current site in January, and on January 27 the Board approved a contract for a new noise study.  Spending had been paused in October to consider options.

If there was consideration of moving Well #8 back … Read more

Use your online water meter readings to detect leaks, eliminate waste, and save money.

Recently one of our shareholders had to pay about $500 extra for water that leaked on his property unnoticed. This is not unusual.  During the December rains, the pipe serving Crestview’s office broke in two places.  There is a way to prevent such waste and minimize your water bill.

Crestview … Read more

What do you think of your January water bill?

How much higher was it than January, February, November, or December 2021?  Did you reduce your consumption because of the new rates?  Will you?  How could this rate increase have been avoided? What should Crestview’s board be doing about this right now?  Please comment below.  More importantly, send your comment … Read more

Two water supply insights from our general manager’s January 27 report

If the Department of Water Resources releases less than 25% of its contractors’ demands, Calleguas will not be able to supply all of Crestview’s 2022 needs for imported water.  DWR’s release allocations are dependent on reservoir conditions and snowfall in northern California.  Its initial allocation for 2022 was 0%, the … Read more