The Crestview board will decide April 28 whether our lawns live or die. You should Zoom in.

Our board must decide April 28 how to respond to the biggest water shortage emergency that has occurred in the 50-year history of the State Water Project.  There is regulatory pressure to restrict residential landscape watering to one day per week, or less.

Mandatory water conservation measures are being imposed … Read more

Domineering Crestview president Sol Chooljian continues to lead a passive board, putting shareholders last–Part I.

Mr. Chooljian controls the board agenda and has failed to schedule matters necessary to comply with the bylaws and California law.  He could have scheduled such matters for the March 31 and April 28 meetings but did not.  In order to keep power, he may never schedule them.

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Mandatory conservation measures threatened by suppliers of imported water provide more justification for not selling the company, for getting out of the Well #8 contract, and for a new backup well.

On April 26 the Metropolitan Water District may limit landscape watering to once per week.  That would cut Crestview consumption 57%, and our rates would go up.  A recent letter from Crestview announced the draconian MWD rules would not apply to us if we reduce our consumption by just 20% … Read more

The disastrous contract with Calleguas for Well #8 should be renegotiated in major ways or terminated (Part 2). 

We posted Part 1 on April 10 and forwarded it to Crestview for comment.  No comment has been received, but we can quote from a March 17 email from a shareholder to all directors and the general manager reporting on a meeting with the president of Calleguas.

[We] recently met

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Landscape watering likely to be limited to one day per week, and other outdoor uses banned, by June 1. 

Metropolitan Water District, which supplies our imported water through Calleguas, will hold a special board meeting April 26 to consider adopting mandatory water use restrictions.  The latest draft of what will be considered would:

a.   Limit landscape watering to one day per week . . .;

b.   Require [Calleguas] .

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The disastrous contract with Calleguas for Well #8 should be renegotiated in major ways or terminated–Part 1.

The funding for Well #8 comes from Calleguas.  Under that contract, Crestview must deliver 3 cubic feet per second (“cfs”) for six months if Calleguas suffers an “outage of imported water.”  That would be 1,086 acre-feet, which exceeds the 717 acre-feet Crestview is allowed to pump in a whole … Read more

Crestview may restrict water use and significantly raise rates by May 1.

Crestview normally gets 25% of its supply from northern California through The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (“MWD”), which supplies Calleguas Municipal Water District, which supplies Crestview.  Because of the drought, MWD is expected to adopt April 11-12 significant price increases, with credits for mandatory conservation measures.

Calleguas will … Read more