Correcting two untruths in president Chooljian’s recent letter to shareholders

It is not true that any board candidate opposed Well #7.  Crestview was not forced to import water because a County permit for Well #7 was denied in September 2021; the cause was the board’s bad decisions about Well #4, which went dry a month earlier.

Mr. Chooljian’s letter, which … Read more

Who will count the votes in our contested election of board members? 

The Crestview annual meeting information says our inspector of election will be an individual in “environmental, engineering, and operations consulting services . . . including water, waste water, recycled water, storm water, water conservation, and hazardous materials projects.”  His only known election experience was doing it for Crestview last year, … Read more

Annual meeting plans are behind schedule, as are decisions about the FY2021 financial report and mailings about conservation.

The communications for the annual meeting of shareholders (to be June 30 if nothing has changed) seem to be off schedule.  At the June 2 special meeting, the board decided that self-nominated candidates would be included on the proxy form and their bios mailed to shareholders along with the bios … Read more