Please see the excellent comments on our post on the septic system obstacle to Well #7.

Our post How private septic systems are blocking Well #7–and how to solve the problem has generated comments by two knowledgeable shareholders with different perspectives. We recommend you read those–and check in every time you are online.  We cannot send you email alerts for each new comment, but will look … Read more

Board to decide whether to lower our rates or keep them high to avoid even higher rates and severe use restrictions.

We are just barely on pace to achieve our drought response goal of not importing any water before September 30.  Should we lower rates and risk falling short of this goal, or keep rates high to constrain demand?  The board will consider that question on August 11.

If it were … Read more

At its August 11 meeting, the board will consider staff proposals to improve annual shareholders’ meetings.

Our general manager and outside legal counsel have presented to the board an after action report on the June 30 annual meeting and options.  Three options are presented, and we have our own suggestions.  We applaud the authors for assuming the objective is to hold annual shareholders’ meetings that … Read more