An Inspector of Elections has been hired, and the Annual Meeting is likely to be in late July.

Crestview signed a contract today with an independent inspector of elections for our next annual meeting.  Crestview can now set the meeting date, schedule the proxy collection and voting deadlines, and start the process.  Late July may be the earliest possible meeting date.

Having a truly independent inspector of elections has been a demand of many shareholders for several years and a personal goal of President Frank Mezzatesta.  The search was protracted because, while there are many companies that run HOA elections, very few have experience running mutual company elections.  HOA elections are simple because no member has more or less than exactly one vote, and there are no proxies or cumulative voting.  Crestview has all three of those complications, and Crestview has many more shareholders than most HOAs.

There will be no hybrid shareholder meeting this year.  Either get your proxies delivered to the Inspector a week before the meeting, or deliver it to the meeting venue on the meeting date, or attend the meeting and vote in person.  As it stands, shareholders will not even have the ability to monitor the meeting online in receive-only mode.

The Inspector will be KHA Balloting.  It will responsible for the entire process, starting with the initial mailing to shareholders and ending with a final report of results.  There is not supposed to be any assistance or oversight by Crestview staff or management.  Crestview Watch will be monitoring what happens when the inevitable problems arise.

The election will be governed by California law, our Bylaws, and the new Election Manual the Board adopted February 23, 2023.  The Election Manual, another election initiative pushed by Mezzatesta, is posted here.  Please note that the form of proxy attached to the Election Manual was amended at the May 25 meeting (and could be amended again).  Sorry, we do have have a clean copy of the revised proxy to post, but we expect all shareholders to receive it via USPS in the next week or so.  [Editorial comment: Neither the Election Manual nor the proxy form are available on the Crestview website, but should be.]

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