Ann DeMartini retained as business consultant; Durrell McAdoo promoted to Water System Superintendent.

Ann DeMartini has been retained as a business consultant.  Crestview will benefit from her 16 years of experience running three local water companies from 1995 to 2010.  She has represented mutual water companies on the board of the Association of Water Agencies and was president of AWA in 2010.  She is now president elect.  Her resume is here.  Long-time water system Operator Durrell (“Mac”) McAdoo was promoted to Water System Superintendent.  Both actions occurred in November and were announced by President Frank Mezzatesta at the November 28 Board meeting.

Ann has been involved in development of the FY2024 budget and will lead all business activities, including planning, designing, permitting, financing, and managing capital projects.  She will not be full-time and is therefore budgeted at less than half the cost of the former general manager.

Mac has been a key member of Crestview’s staff for 21 years and is experienced and proficient with all operations and infrastructure.  He supervises two Operators.

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