Annual meeting of shareholders will be late again this year.

Our annual meeting of shareholders, at which we elect Directors, is set in the Bylaws for the second Monday in March, which this year was March 13.  The Board may choose a different date, but not later than 60 days after that date.  Since the Board will not meet again until sometime in May, the earliest practical date for a shareholder meeting is late June.

The same thing happened last year, and then there was no quorum when the meeting was called to order.  New deadlines and restrictions in the Elections Manual the Board adopted February 23, 2023 will likely make a quorum even more difficult to attain this year.

We have not had a legal shareholders meeting since April 2021.  If our Board cannot handle easy organizational issues like this, how can we expect it to handle two controversial multi-million dollar well projects without wasting another $900,000 and failing again?

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