Another delay in the Well #4 project makes our consumption cutbacks even more urgent. 

A delay in the Well #4 project will probably require Crestview to start buying this month imported water that costs ten times as much as pumped water.  This can be avoided only if shareholders immediately get on board with Crestview’s new mandatory conservation plan.  Let’s all adjust our sprinklers today!

Not only does imported water cost approximately ten times as much as pumping our own, but this year we will be unable to get imported water without (i) adopting severe mandatory conservation measures, including limiting outdoor watering to one day per week, and/or (ii) paying more than double the normal price.

The Well #4 project is to lower the pump so it can supplement production from Well #6.  Until then, when system demand exceeds Well #6’s 800,000 gallons per day limit, we shut it down and start buying water imported from northern California. The general manager reported to the board on April 28 that Well #6 is operating near its limit and that the delivery date for pipe essential for the Well #4 project has been pushed back (again) to late May.

It was not shareholders’ fault the Well #4 project was not started when it should have been, but only shareholders, working together, can solve the immediate problem and minimize the considerable costs and damage to our landscapes.  So let’s reduce watering times and track down the leaks today.

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