Board to consider election procedures that make it harder to vote.

In order to avoid repeating the messiness of the June 2022 shareholders’ meeting, the Board will discuss on January 23 a new Election Manual and Proxy Form that make it likely Crestview will never again be able to get a quorum for the shareholders’ Annual Meeting to elect Directors! Yes, you read that right.  Among the changes to be considered are these:

  • No shareholder can attend an annual meeting by Zoom unless a government agency has forbidden in-person meetings.
  • Every candidate for Director must provide certain information to Crestview a month before the meeting, and there can be no write-ins.
  • Mailed proxies must be received by a specified date (possibly two weeks) before the meeting.
  • Proxies handed over at the meeting must be delivered personally–having someone else do it for you may invalidate it.
  • A shareholder may not attend the meeting in person unless he/she has given Crestview advance notice of intent to attend.
  • If there is not a quorum at the meeting, the meeting may not be adjourned a few weeks to collect more proxies–the meeting is declared a failure, and there will not be another chance for shareholders to elect directors until the following year.
  • In contested elections, only the President and Secretary will have authority to allocate cumulative votes, meaning they can refuse to allocate enough votes to certain directors to reelect them.
  • The Election Manual does not address any of the questions that have arisen in prior years about whether non-incumbent director candidates can use their own forms of proxy or what must be in a proxy to avoid disqualification.

Readers may review/download the proposal (Item 10) on Crestview’s website.  One shareholder’s detailed comments objecting to these and other changes is here. Readers are urged to email their own comments to and/or to comment orally at the Board meeting, which begins at 4pm on Monday January 23.  Email or phone (805-482-2001) the Crestview office to request Zoom credentials.

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  1. This is B.S.! I will be doing some research on these proposals, because at least some of them I don’t think are legal, or at the very least are unethical.

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