Crestview reopens the money tap on Well #8, even though all the problems remain. 

Crestview has recommenced spending on Well #8.  The architect took drone images of the current site in January, and on January 27 the Board approved a contract for a new noise study.  Spending had been paused in October to consider options.

If there was consideration of moving Well #8 back to its original site on Corte Corrida (or to any other location) to save money, that idea was rejected.  There has been no apparent progress in solving the multimillion-dollar problem of septic systems at the current location.  The amended contract with Calleguas still leaves Crestview shareholders responsible for millions of dollars of expenses for a project that has almost no benefit for us.  All water pumped by Well #8 in an emergency would go to the City of Oxnard and the City of Camarillo water distribution systems.

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