Crestview to inspect all service lines for lead content. 

Crestview will comply with revised EPA regulations requiring all water utilities to inspect or otherwise determine whether the lines between the meters and the homes are made of lead (or copper with lead-containing solder joints).  A report will go to the State Office of Drinking Water by the end of 2024 and be a basis for State programs to replace lead service lines and/or enhanced testing for lead.

The general manager reported this to the board at its October 27 meeting and will be developing procedures and costs for compliance.  The absence of lead or copper service lines may be verified by viewing construction plans for each house, by verifying a house was built after 1991, or by exposing the service line near the meter and again just before it enters the house.

Lead in drinking water can be profoundly poisonous, especially in young children.  Lead service lines were notoriously involved in exposure of about 100,000 residents of Flint, Michigan in 2014-15.  The updated EPA regulations are partially in response to that tragedy.

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