Crestview to seek volunteer shareholders for committee work.

The Board approved in principle a proposal by Directors Muro and Stephenson to create committees of two or more shareholders led by one Director to address issues that could benefit from shareholder input. Their suggested committees are:

  • Finance and Oversight
  • Planning
  • Shareholder Communications
  • Bylaw Reform
  • IT/Business Intelligence

It is expected that the Board will approve the creation and mission of each committee, and that formation of a committee will depend on having a willing Director as chair and two or more shareholder volunteers.  The Director serving as committee chair would receive inputs and report to the Board.

Benefits mentioned in the Muro/Stephenson proposal and in the discussion at the September 26 meeting were:

  • Some shareholders want more opportunities to get their ideas in front of the Board.
  • Shareholder inputs broaden the Board’s perspective.
  • Communications foster goodwill with shareholders and may engage them as ambassadors for the company.
  • Committee activity may identify shareholders who could step up to Board memberships later.

Muro and Stephenson are to develop more details and re-present to the Board at a future date.  One action that may occur soon is a letter to shareholders inviting them to express interest in serving on such committees.

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