Draft agenda for Annual Meeting allows no shareholder forum or informational reports if there is no quorum.

The draft Annual Meeting agenda (up for Board approval July 25) includes an unfortunate change from prior years.  If there is no quorum, there will be no shareholder open forum and no information reports from the GM, Treasurer, or President.

In 2022 and 2020, when there was no quorum, almost all the attending shareholders stayed to hear the reports, ask their questions, and make their comments to management. They were not there just to vote, which they could have done by mail.  They were there to learn about their company and express their views.

There will probably be well over 100 shareholders attending personally this year, but this year the draft agenda calls for everybody to be sent home immediately after the Call to Order if there is no quorum.  Furthermore, it may take an hour or more for the Inspector to determine if there is a quorum.  While that is going on, why not do as we did in the past, hear the reports, ask our questions, and express our opinions?

Other changes from prior years:  There is no agenda item for Director candidates to make statements or for Shareholders to ask them–or anybody else–any questions or to make any comments about anything until after the voting is concluded.  Readers who think Shareholders should have a larger role–as they did in prior years–in the Annual Meeting of Shareholders can make their views known in person or by email to the Board at its July 25 meeting and/or in comments below.  The Board still has time to change this.

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