Dysfunctional Crestview management unable to call a proper board meeting.

The next regular board meeting is “tentatively scheduled for March 24,” according to Crestview’s website.  Because it has failed to post an actual notice of the meeting, complete with agenda, the meeting cannot legally be held Thursday.  Will there be an illegal meeting?  If not, when will there be a legal meeting?  Who is accountable for this snafu?

Not having met the notice deadlines, Crestview will be unable to comply with some important statutory deadlines.  Draft minutes of the February 24 meeting must be available by Saturday, March 26, and the financial statements for FY2021 must be sent to shareholders by March 30.

The Mutual Water Company Open Meeting Act requires four days prior notice of nonemergency regular meetings and two days prior notice of nonemergency executive sessions.  In the recent past, Crestview has posted the agendas for Thursday meetings on the prior Tuesday.  So that was already deficient notice.  Is it adopting a new practice of giving even less notice, or no notice at all?  Actions taken without proper notice may be declared void.

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