Election results: Chooljian and Whitlock out, Muro and Stephenson in, Bennett, Mezzatesta and Quezada reelected.

The election results were posted on the Crestview website today.  The three newest members of the Board were resoundingly reelected.  The two oldest members got essentially no support and were replaced by challengers Steven Muro and Dave Stephenson, who also ran last year.  Challenger Katie Teague, who entered the race late and urged her supporters to vote in person, made a respectable sixth place showing.  Challenger Ron Rieger, who did no campaigning, finished last.  Here are the numbers and percentages of cumulative votes received by each:

  1. Alma Quezada                   1,401.35              20.6%
  2. Laurie Bennett                   1,300.85              19.2%
  3. Frank Mezzatesta              1,293.85              19.1%
  4. Dave Stephenson                 940.48              13.9%
  5. Steven Muro                         901.38              13.3%
  6. Katie Teague                        480.95                7.1%
  7. Roger Whitlock                     238.50                3.5%
  8. Sol Chooljian                        119.00                1.8%
  9. Ron Rieger                           111.50                1.6%

We are all curious about how big was the effect, if any, on the final results of proxy holders allocating cumulative votes from losing candidates to winning candidates.  However, given the secrecy enforced by having an Independent Inspector of Elections, we will probably never know.  The Inspector is charged with retaining the original documents and not disclosing anything but the results.

In coming posts, we may have some after-action reports, especially on procedural issues like cumulative voting and the use of proxies. We would consider publishing Guest Posts on such topics.

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