Frank Mezzatesta to be new director and president of Crestview.

In the November 15 board meeting, shareholder Frank Mezzatesta was elected 3-0 to fill the unexpired term of Doug Off, who resigned November 2.  In a surprise move, the board then elected Mezzatesta president of Crestview heading the following slate of officers:

  • President:  Frank Mezzatesta
  • Vice President:  Alma Quezada
  • Secretary:  Roger Whitlock
  • Treasurer:  Laurie Bennet

Sol Chooljian remains a director but is not an officer.  Director Laurie Bennett missed this part of the meeting because of jury duty and did not vote.

Perhaps in response to a Crestview Watch characterization of him as “secretive,” Mezzatesta stated that he would make his email addresses and telephone numbers available to all shareholders.

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  1. Very Good. Mr. Mezzatesta is a problem solver. A creative and an innovative thinker. Glad to see this worked out with him on the board!

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