Getting Well #4 back online is critical to Crestview’s drought management plan, but there has been another delay. 

The board has asked shareholders to reduce consumption by 20-25% immediately so that Crestview will not have to buy any imported water this year.  By avoiding imported water, we will not have to comply with State-mandated conservation measures like watering only once weekly. However, the critical Well #4 pump-lowering project has suffered another delay.

The general manager reported May 26 that a critical part was rejected at delivery because of defective welds and coating.  He now expects delivery of an acceptable part the week of June 6. If there are no more delays, Well #4 could be producing by mid-June. Whew!

The Well #4 delays may require pumping Well #6 a little above its standard maximum daily output for a few days or weeks longer than originally planned, but the GM has indicated that no long-term damage to the aquifer should result.

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