Important details about the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders (and Election of Directors) on August 16 has been moved to the Spanish Hills Club because the space available at Hampton Inn is too small.  This was announced today on the Crestview website and updates the proxy mailing being received today.

In a conversation today, President Frank Mezzatesta emphasized that a valid proxy must not only be signed, it must be dated.

Crestview Watch will start posting tomorrow our interviews with the candidates.  All candidates–incumbents and challengers–got the same questions at the same time by email, and they are replying by email.  We expect to publish these interviews–in the candidates’ own words without editing–in the order received at the rate of one per day (Sunday through Thursday).  Shareholders may respond to the interviews in the comments section.

Please forward this newsletter to other Crestview shareholders so they can sign up to receive future posts directly. Click on the Home tab and read earlier posts, or use the Tags word cloud or Search box to focus on a topic.  Shareholders may comment below.

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