Reminder: reduce your outdoor watering schedule now.

We can expect daytime highs in the mid-70s or below for at the next six months.  Also, the warm parts of the days will be shorter and the nights longer and cooler, putting less stress on the landscaping.  So, why not cut your lawn cycles back to 60% now–and cut back some more next month?  When we get some good rains, turn your system off.  If we have a short hot spell, run an extra manual cycle.

If we cut our water usage this winter, we can use the water saved next summer when we really need it.  Our company only has rights to pump 748 acre-feet of water between October 1 and September 30.  If we waste it now we will likely run out in September or even August when we need the maximum.  If we run out, we will have to buy very costly water from Northern California—which we can do only if we all reduce watering to one day per week.

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