January board meeting Monday (not Thursday) next week has a big and interesting agenda.

The agenda for the January 23 meeting features governance issues, including shareholder participation and access to information and a detailed new procedure for annual elections of directors, including a new form of proxy.  There will also be oral reports on the status of the Well #8 permit process, the LPHOA Open Forum Meeting December 5, 2022 concerning Well #7, the Shareholder Advisory Committee’s work on the well site review process, and other matters.

Apparently responding to shareholder requests, the agenda and board packet for the January 23 meeting were emailed to shareholders who had previously requested that courtesy and others who might be particularly interested.  A new policy was announced that lets any shareholder get on (or off) the list for email notice. As in the past, the agenda and board packet are on Crestview’s website.

The board packet contains a draft “Election Manual,” which seems intended to resolve in advance issues that have arisen in recent annual meetings.  This and the new form of proxy will be discussed in the board’s public session, but it is unclear how much time will be allowed for shareholder input at the meeting.  We suggest that shareholders hoping for changes in the draft submit written comments to the board by Thursday, January 19 so that staff and directors will have plenty of time to consider their ideas before January 23 meeting.  We also suggest that the Board consider receiving comments and having discussion and then tabling the matter until the February meeting for final action.

On a closely related matter, we have learned that our new president, Frank Mezzatesta, has reached out to many of the board’s most prominent past critics and has had conversations and meetings with them, some quite lengthy,  He has made his phone number and email address available to all shareholders (contact the office if you have lost this information) and seems eager to have dialog with any shareholder who wants it.  Failure of shareholders to take advantage of this might lead to a conclusion that shareholders do not really care.  So speak up!

Regular readers know that Crestview Watch has frequently criticized Crestview’s lack of openness.  We are encouraged by these new initiatives and will be following them closely in this newsletter.  We will also be seeking periodic interviews with Mr. Mezzatesta.

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