Katie Teague joins contest for a Board seat.

Shareholder Katie Teague told the Board in its March 22 meeting she would be running for election as a Board member.  She followed that the next day with a post on Next Door. She joins Steven Muro and Dave Stephenson as announced candidates.  We have no information about whether our two most senior Board members will stand for reelection, but the other three presumably will.  So, it appears there will be at least six candidates for five seats.

As we did last year, Crestview Watch will try to interview all candidates and give each a separate post.  What questions would you like some or all candidates to answer?  You can write to us at Editor@CrestviewWatch.org or post as a comment below.

The date and procedures for the Annual Meeting of shareholders have not been announced yet. By law, it should be in April or early May. President Frank Mezzatesta announced at the Board meeting he was having trouble finding a qualified independent Inspector of Elections, and he asked for help.  Surely, he would appreciate calls or emails from all shareholders with suggestions.

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