Leak of sodium hypochlorite solution at Well #4 caused no harm.

The Water Systems Superintendent’s report to the Board on May 29 noted that the sodium hypochlorite solution tank at Well #4 had sprung a leak, which was quickly contained with no impact on neighbors or the environment.  (Sodium hypochlorite solution is used to disinfect well water before delivery to customers.)  Because shareholders had expressed concern about “chlorine” leaks at proposed new wells, we followed up and obtained the following statement from Crestview:

On May 8, 2024, a routine incident occurred at Well #4 when an aging storage tank developed a leak. The leak was quickly contained within the secondary containment area, and all affected materials were safely transferred to temporary storage. There was no impact to the environment or surrounding community.

The incident highlights the effectiveness of Crestview’s safety protocols and the importance of regular maintenance and inspection. A new storage tank and containment liner have been ordered and will be installed as soon as possible. There will be no disruption to water service during this process.

The disinfectant used by Crestview is a liquid chlorine solution similar to household bleach, only more concentrated.  Household bleach is 5.25% concentration and swimming pool sanitizer is 10-12.5% concentration. The disinfectant Crestview uses is at 12.5% strength at time of delivery. It is important to note that Crestview does not use chlorine gas, which poses a different set of risks.

Crestview Water Company is committed to the safety and well-being of its customers and the community. We will continue to provide transparent updates on this and any future incidents.

Well #4 was taken out of service to “rest” in January 2024.  Well #6 has been pumping 7-12 hours per day to supply all customers and will do so until demand rises to the point that it has to run more than 12 hours per day three days in a row.  At that time, Well #4 will be restarted to share the load.  A spare tank of sodium hypochlorite solution will be used if the new tank and secondary containment liner have not yet been received and installed.

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