LPHOA board taken over by five vowing to approve a new Crestview well.

Five Crestview shareholders living in Las Posas Hills Owners Association ousted the former LPHOA directors in a recall election March 31.  They faulted the former board—

  • for not approving Crestview’s Well #7 and architectural plan at 191 Alviso,
  • for urging the County to deny Crestview’s permit application, and
  • for not scheduling a vote to revise the CC&Rs to allow new water wells.

Crestview’s application to install Well #7 at 191 Alviso, was denied by the County Board of Supervisors September 14, 2021.  Opposition by LPHOA was one of several reasons. The Crestview Board could have decided to fix the fatal flaws in its application or to find another well site but did neither for many months.  By June of 2022, if not earlier, an informal group of shareholders was urging Crestview to refile the Well #7 application at 191 Alviso, and they started efforts to get LPHOA to reverse its prior opposition and support the new application.

Their first effort was a petition to LPHOA to amend the CC&Rs to make clear that new water wells are allowed anywhere in the Association’s territory.  When the incumbent board failed to schedule a LPHOA member vote, they filed a petition to recall all five board members.  Their slate of five ran a strong campaign with WE NEED WATER yard signs, a flashy new website, and a tabloid-size 3-page mailer.  When the votes were counted March 31, the insurgents had won 46-20 (out of 83 memberships).

The CC&R’s have not been amended, but it appears the new board intends to interpret them differently than the prior board did and approve a new application for Well #7 at 191 Alviso.  Another site in the LPHOA territory, the Equestrian Center at 2084 Via Veneto, is also on the list of alternative sites being evaluated in Crestview’s Well Site Review Process.  A majority of the new directors live within 600 feet of the Equestrian Center, meaning their septic systems would be made “non-conforming uses” by a new Crestview well.

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