Massive water leaks to cost two shareholders up to $50,000. 

Two shareholders had leaks totaling about 10 acre-feet (3.26 million gallons) during 18 days in October and one day in November.  At current Tier 3 rates of $15.50 per 1,000 gallons, they will owe Crestview up to $50,000.  The general manager told the board that the leaks were on the customer side of the meter, meaning the customer is responsible.  He also said neither unnamed shareholder had activated EyeOnWater which alerts users to leaks within 24 hours.

To activate EyeOnWater, go to this page on the Crestview website and follow the instructions. If you have difficulty, call the office for help.

Since water is sold in Tier 3 at a profit, this event will not necessarily cause Crestview any financial pain.  However, it will make it more difficult to stay within our groundwater allocation in the water year ending September 30, 2023.  If we cannot stay within our allocation, we will have to pay a large surcharge for replacement water, and maybe impose mandatory conservation measures like the City of Camarillo imposes on customers in its service area.

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One Reply to “Massive water leaks to cost two shareholders up to $50,000. ”

  1. Crestview new about the leak!
    They should have turn off the water to the house, and charge the owner for the service of turning the water off !!

    Doing so saving owner funds, and saving all of us our water.

    Watching problems evolve and not acting is wrong.

    For the future,
    If Crestview noticed a water leak without any activity from the owner to fix the problem,
    since it affects all of us,
    water should be shut off early before major water lost will happen.
    That shutoff service should be set up as a very expensive service .

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