Mezzatesta evaluates own performance in first year as President.

At the November 28 Board meeting, Frank Mezzatesta was asked what he is most proud of in his first year as President.  This was followed by,
“What was most challenging?” and “What are you least proud of.”  After taking a few moments to think, this is what he said:  In the year and a half he monitored Board meetings before being appointed as a Director and President, he observed a lot of tension with shareholders.  He made it a priority to improve the “tone” of meetings and relationships, and he feels he has done that.  As part of that, he made a commitment to respond to shareholder emails right away, and he thinks he has done a good job of that.

His biggest challenge was coping with the fact that “everything takes too long.”  The problem is “how to follow the rules and get the job done.”  [Editors note:  The Open Meeting Act governing mutual water companies does not allow the Board to take action on any matter that is not on the agenda of a noticed meeting, and it does not allow a majority of Directors to discuss Board action items informally between meetings.  To move faster within these constraints, Mezzatesta has called a number of special board meetings between the scheduled monthly meetings.]

The “most embarrassing” thing was that the 2023 Annual Meeting and shareholder election did not occur until August.  He vowed to have the 2024 Annual meeting occur on schedule in March.

Mezzatesta said he likes constructive criticism.  One thing he learned from that is that he needs to be clearer about when he is speaking for Crestview and when he is speaking only for himself.

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