Muro and Stephenson using A.I. in their campaign.

Director candidates Steven Muro and Dave Stephenson are demonstrating how information technology could improve Crestview.  They held a very smooth online Q&A webinar as part of their campaign and then used artificial intelligence to generate a written summary, which they posted on their website.

The webinar was hosted on Zoom, which generated a transcript.  The transcript was fed into Chat-GPT with a few simple instructions.  The result was better than Crestview Watch could have done with the notes we took in the webinar.

Dave and Steven have been advocating since before the 2022 election that Crestview should use mature and inexpensive technology to add an online option for meetings, to interact with shareholders, to give shareholders access to more information, to vote online, to push out notifications, etc.  Many shareholders would like it better, and it would save a lot of money on mailings. Their website,, gives a glimpse into Crestview’s potential future. Stephenson is the creator and administrator of the site.

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