NEEDED URGENTLY: Three Crestview shareholders to serve on the board of directors.

All three of Crestview’s longest-serving board members have indicated they intend to step down in the near future.  It is not clear they will even stay until the next annual shareholders’ meeting in March.  Two have served for 25 years and one for seven years in these unpaid positions.  Director bios are here.

The Crestview board will soon have to make some important decisions with long-term implications, and it would be good to have the new members involved before then.  Our initial post summarizes these issues.  Please review them to get a better idea of what a new director will be working on.

Consider whether you or others you know have experience that would be helpful in meeting these challenges and a willingness to serve for a few years on behalf of our community.  If you are not candidate, then please at least get involved in finding good candidates.  Get your neighbors to help.

Every Crestview board member who has ever served has been appointed by the sitting board.  So it should not be necessary for anybody to mount a contested election campaign.  We expect that when qualified candidates are presented, the current board members will be grateful, will conduct some interviews, and will then make the appointments.  But finding good candidates isn’t really the board’s job.  It’s ours.

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