New procedures for shareholder participation in Board meetings.

Shareholders get more flexible comment guidelines.  Each shareholder will be allowed 3-5 minutes to address a Board meeting, but the presiding officer has discretion to shorten time if there are many speakers or to cut off speakers talking “too long.”  The president can also allow more time.  Shareholders may divide their time between the Shareholders’ Public Forum (which can include comments on matters not on the agenda) and specific Agenda Items.  Shareholder input will be invited on each Agenda Item before the Board begins discussion among themselves.  All director’s agreed to these guidelines, without a formal motion, at the beginning of the January 23 meeting.  This new comment procedure was applied to the rest of the January 23 meeting and was afterwards praised by shareholder attendees.

Shareholders may get email notices of meetings, but may have to give 24 hours notice of their intention to attend.  Any shareholder who wants to receive by email copies of Board meeting notices and “Board Packets” can do so by calling or emailing the office and asking to be put on the list.  Telephone 805-482-2001, email:  Anyone can get off the list in the same way.  President Frank Mezzatesta stated that the Bylaws require shareholders give 24 hours notice of their intention to attend a Board meeting, but he did not say this bylaw would be more rigorously enforced in the future.

Zoom Meetings of the Board may be discontinued and the meeting time changed.  In response to a shareholder question, Mezzatesta said he hopes to eliminate the Zoom option for attending Board meetings, absent special circumstances.  One shareholder stated that the Zoom option is important for people who work or have health issues.  Mezzatesta said he hopes Board meetings can be moved from 4pm to 6pm.

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