Next Board meeting Friday, June 30 at 5:30.

The Agenda and Board Packet for the next meeting have been posted.  After the Shareholders’ Public Forum, the minutes of the May 25 and June 12 meetings will be considered.  Minutes of the Annual Shareholders Meeting of April 22, 2021, are also on the Agenda, but those should be approved by the Shareholders, not the Directors.  Then there will be information-only reports by the Treasurer, the Lead Operator (on monthly operations), the General Manager, and the President.

After the open meeting, the Board will convene in executive session to consider personnel matters and to continue its workshop on the siting of Well #7.

Shareholders planning to attend the meeting, at the Hampton Inn, 50 Daily Drive, are asked to RSVP to the Office by phone or email.  This enables Staff to match room size and seating with expected attendance.  There is no Zoom option for this meeting.

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