No news about election of directors, but the July 28 board meeting has been postponed.

At the annual meeting of shareholders on June 30, it was not yet known if there was a quorum.  It was announced that the meeting was adjourned to 4pm on July 28, by which time it was said the quorum count would be completed and election results posted.  There was also to be a board meeting at that time and place (on Zoom).

The Crestview website posted a notice that the board meeting would be held on July 28, but on July 14, that announcement was replaced by an announcement that the next board meeting would be August 11.  There was no formal notice that the shareholders’ meeting would be resumed at the same time, but no such notice was required because it was announced at the June 30 meeting.  We do not know management’s intentions.  Will the shareholders’ meeting be resumed on July 28, or has it also been postponed to August 11?  (It seems that nobody other than shareholders, has legal authority to change the time or place of reconvening the shareholders’ meeting.)

As of now, we do not know whether after all the proxies and ballots were counted there was, or was not, a quorum at the shareholders’ meeting.  We do not know which candidates got the most votes.  If there was not a quorum, we do not know what next steps are planned to elect directors.

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  1. Looks like they are figuring out how many votes they need to get the Board Members they want . Similar to another election outside of Crestview.

  2. Please keep us posted about which votes were cast. What do we have to do to be present at shareholders meeting on July 28 or Aug 11?

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