No news to report today, but next week could be important.

We actually have nothing to report today about anything that has already happened, but there may be news next week.  There is a board meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 24, and the agenda and board packet should be posted on Tuesday, February 22.  Will there be a report on whether Well #4 can be brought  back on line?  Will there be a date fixed for the annual meeting of shareholders, which should be in late March?  Will there be an update about the availability of northern California water this year?  How are shareholders reacting to the rate increase–consuming less or complaining more?  What is happening with the Well #8 project?  Has an alternative location been identified for the failed Well #7 project?

Every shareholder can download the agenda and related materials given to the board by the general manager by clicking this link on or after Tuesday, February 22.  Shareholders may attend the meeting at 4PM on Thursday, February 24, by sending a request for Zoom credentials to  The open forum for shareholders’ comments and questions is always first on the agenda.  There may be a 3-minute limit on each shareholder’s floor time.  Listening after that to how the directors do their jobs is often revealing.

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