Our water rates went down September 1, and the board is poised to authorize an environmental study for Well #8.

The board increased the Tier 1 rate schedule limit from 4,000 gallons per share per month to 8,000 gallons.  This is an effective rate decrease for all shareholders who buy more than 4,000 gallons per share per month.  A letter announcing this change was included in the monthly bills mailed today.  This will remain in effect until Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency changes the Crestview allocation, according to the general manager in response to a shareholder question at today’s special board meeting.

There was nothing on the public agenda for today’s meeting.  The board will address in executive session whether to spend $11,408 for an environmental consultant to do an “initial study” of the Well 8 site, as requested by the City of Camarillo.  This study must be completed before the application can be “deemed complete.”

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