Petition intended to ease the way for a refiled Well #7 permit application hits a snag.

One of the reasons the permit application for Well #7 was unanimously denied by the Ventura County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors is that the project would be inconsistent with the CC&Rs of the Las Posas Hills Owners Association (LPHOA).  In mid-September, eight members of LPHOA petitioned the board of LPHOA to schedule a special meeting of members to consider adopting their proposed amendment to the CC&Rs.  They contend the amendment would make Well #7 more likely to gain approval if a new application is filed with the County.  (It might be “more likely,” but there are several bigger obstacles to getting the County permit.)

On September 23, LPHOA’s attorney sent a letter to all members of LPHOA stating that “amending the governing documents is not a lawful purpose for which a special membership meeting may be called via petition of the membership. . . .  [O]nly the Board has the power to propose amendments and put them out to vote. . . .  The proposed amendment contains several factual and legal errors that will make the same likely unenforceable, inconsistent with California law, and vulnerable to challenge if it is adopted as drafted.”  The Board has scheduled a Town Hall meeting on December 5, for LPHOA members only, to discuss the issues and to determine “the best resolution moving forward.”

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