Annual meeting plans are behind schedule, as are decisions about the FY2021 financial report and mailings about conservation.

The communications for the annual meeting of shareholders (to be June 30 if nothing has changed) seem to be off schedule.  At the June 2 special meeting, the board decided that self-nominated candidates would be included on the proxy form and their bios mailed to shareholders along with the bios of incumbents.  (That issue is reported here.)  Staff was directed to make a first mailing to shareholders on Thursday June 9 inviting shareholders to nominate themselves for board seats.  The deadline for self-nominations was to be Monday, June 13, and a second letter with the proxies would go out Thursday June 16.  It appears shareholders have not received the first mailing.  If it is delivered on Monday, June 13, there will no practical chance for self-nominations before the deadline.

The board also failed to resolve questions about the CPA-approved financial statements for FY2021.  This report was required by law to be sent to shareholders by March 30, but as of June 2 decisions had not been made whether to write off the expenses of Well #7, whether to disclose the financial risks involved in the contract with Calleguas for Well #8, and whether to “send” the report at all.  More detail on these issues is here.

To meet our important water conservation goals, on April 28 the board adopted a plan to communicate with shareholders about that by mail—once with the monthly bills and once by a mailing between bills.  That happened in May, but the June bills do not mention conservation.  Has the communication plan been amended or abandoned?

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