Potential failure of quorum for Annual Meeting on Wednesday, August 16.

We may not have enough shares present Wednesday for a valid annual meeting.  Too close to call.  Last year we failed to get a quorum by only 4% of the outstanding shares.  If we want to avoid a second year in a row of directors–not shareholders–filling vacancies, we must get our proxies to the meeting before it starts or attend in person.

The Inspector reported she had received 269 proxies (white and green) by Friday, August 11, representing 40.6% of the outstanding shares.  (We need more than 50% for a quorum.)  Last year, the Inspector received proxies for only 25%.  However, according to RSVPs to the Crestview office, in-person attendance this year may be only half what it was last year.  If that happens, and no more proxies come in, we will be 2% short of a quorum.  Not a big hurdle, but it’s up to us–and it’s important.  Please urge your neighbors to vote by Wednesday–by proxy or in person.

The meeting at Spanish Hills Club starts at 6:00 p.m. (check in at 5:30).  If you will not be there, please, please, please have your proxy delivered to the meeting. You can do this yourself or have a friend do it for you.  (It’s too late to mail a proxy directly to the Inspector.)  If you need a substitute proxy, you can get a white one from the Crestview Office by calling 805-482-2001 or emailing www.crestviewwater.org, or you can print out a green one here (it will print black on white, but it’s still “green”).  The difference between these proxies is that incumbent directors Frank Mezzatesta and Roger Whitlock will make all discretionary decisions about how to vote the white proxies, and Steven Muro and Dave Stephenson will make all discretionary decisions about how to vote the green proxies.  If you have questions, put them in Comments or email the Editor.

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