Results of the invalid election of directors

If there had been a quorum at the June 30 Annual Meeting of shareholders, new candidates Steven Muro and Dave Stephenson would have replaced incumbents Doug Off and Roger Whitlock.  Here are the cumulated votes won by each candidate:

  • Steven Muro         204.71
  • Dave Stephenson 203.09
  • Alma Quezada      147.23
  • Laurie Bennett       132.21
  • Sol Chooljian         112.89
  • Roger Whitlock      108.81
  • Doug Off                104.61
  • Jim Lingl                  32.61
  • Ron Rieger              32.13
  • Other Write In            1.18
  • Withheld                  67.70
  • TOTAL                1,147.16
  • Quorum shortfall    102.24

A shareholder asked at the August 11 meeting for these results to be released, and president Sol Chooljian said they would be.  However, Chooljian’s letter to shareholders dated August 12 will not be sent until after approval by the board at its October 27 meeting.  Look for it to be enclosed with your November billing.

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