Shareholder Advisory Committee formed to help identify best location for Well #7.

Regular readers know the Crestview board appointed an Ad Hoc Committee consisting of director Alma Quezada and general manager Robert Eranio to review and compare all plausible sites for Well #7.  They have a work plan, a budget, and a schedule, available here.  By appointing Joel Brown, Dale DeHart, Lewis Kanter, Mike Rolls, Dave Silkey, and Cheryl Temple to the Shareholder Advisory Committee (“SAC”), they have completed their first task.

This is to be an open process.  SAC members may communicate freely with other shareholders and share documents, and are expected to reflect to the whole working group significant input from all shareholders. The names were announced in a posting to the Crestview website on December 2, where we expect more announcements as the work progresses.

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