The Crestview board will decide April 28 whether our lawns live or die. You should Zoom in.

Our board must decide April 28 how to respond to the biggest water shortage emergency that has occurred in the 50-year history of the State Water Project.  There is regulatory pressure to restrict residential landscape watering to one day per week, or less.

Mandatory water conservation measures are being imposed … Read more

Mandatory conservation measures threatened by suppliers of imported water provide more justification for not selling the company, for getting out of the Well #8 contract, and for a new backup well.

On April 26 the Metropolitan Water District may limit landscape watering to once per week.  That would cut Crestview consumption 57%, and our rates would go up.  A recent letter from Crestview announced the draconian MWD rules would not apply to us if we reduce our consumption by just 20% … Read more

Crestview may restrict water use and significantly raise rates by May 1.

Crestview normally gets 25% of its supply from northern California through The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (“MWD”), which supplies Calleguas Municipal Water District, which supplies Crestview.  Because of the drought, MWD is expected to adopt April 11-12 significant price increases, with credits for mandatory conservation measures.

Calleguas will … Read more

The Governor’s recent order spares residential lawns from mandatory irrigation cutbacks, but there may still be pain. 

On March 28, Governor Newsom issued an executive order directing the Department of Water Resources to consider adopting by May 25, 2022 regulations that would ban “irrigation of non-functional turf in commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors except as may be required to ensure the health of trees and other perennial … Read more

Shrinking groundwater allocations will raise our costs and impair the economics of a new well.

The “sustainable yield” of our aquifer is only 70% of current pumping rates.  When Crestview’s pumping allocations are reduced, we will have to pay higher rates to import more water, and a new well might be uneconomic with less water to be pumped.

Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency has adopted … Read more

Two water supply insights from our general manager’s January 27 report

If the Department of Water Resources releases less than 25% of its contractors’ demands, Calleguas will not be able to supply all of Crestview’s 2022 needs for imported water.  DWR’s release allocations are dependent on reservoir conditions and snowfall in northern California.  Its initial allocation for 2022 was 0%, the … Read more

What to expect in the Crestview board meeting at 4PM on Thursday, January 27 

Crestview spent $383,000 on Well #7 in 2021.  Total expenditures on Well #7 were $880,000 (exclusive of land).  Since the project was killed by the Board of Supervisors, that will have to be written off as a charge to earnings.

The project to lower the pump in Well #4 got … Read more

The trial to determine our groundwater pumping rights has been delayed for probably six months. 

The trial in the groundwater adjudication lawsuit to confirm the partial settlement agreement confirming the pumping rights of Crestview shareholders, has been put on hold by the Court of Appeal until after a hearing scheduled for May 11, 2022.  Apparently, a law firm is appealing a trial court ruling … Read more