President’s first monthly message to shareholders errs re Well #8 and redundancy.

President Frank Mezzatesta will be writing a message to shareholders on the back of every monthly invoice.  In his first one, he writes about “optimal number of wells.”  He explains that we need two working wells to produce enough water in the hot dry season to meet household and irrigation … Read more

Well #4 is offline for “a few weeks,” and Well #6 will supply our whole system.

Today we found the following notice on the Crestview website:

On January 30th Crestview’s Well #4 was taken offline due to an electro-mechanical problem with the pump.  In the meantime, Well #6 is supplying water for all our shareholders with no issues.  We will need to pull the pump that

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Shareholder Advisory Committee to meet December 9 to review well site selection criteria.

The SAC will have its first meeting Friday afternoon to review the Ad Hoc Committee’s draft criteria for eliminating unsuitable sites from detailed evaluation and for more detailed evaluation of remaining sites. We hear there are 21 or 25 nominated sites, but the SAC will not get the list until … Read more

Correcting two untruths in president Chooljian’s recent letter to shareholders

It is not true that any board candidate opposed Well #7.  Crestview was not forced to import water because a County permit for Well #7 was denied in September 2021; the cause was the board’s bad decisions about Well #4, which went dry a month earlier.

Mr. Chooljian’s letter, which … Read more

Getting Well #4 back online is critical to Crestview’s drought management plan, but there has been another delay. 

The board has asked shareholders to reduce consumption by 20-25% immediately so that Crestview will not have to buy any imported water this year.  By avoiding imported water, we will not have to comply with State-mandated conservation measures like watering only once weekly. However, the critical Well #4 pump-lowering project … Read more

Domineering Crestview president Sol Chooljian continues to lead a passive board, putting shareholders last–Part 3.

The Crestview board delayed for four years lowering the pump in Well #4 just so they could say we needed Well #7 because Well #4 was “going dry.”  That cost us about $365,000 extra in 2021 to buy imported water that Well #4 would have pumped with a lower pump.… Read more

Another delay in the Well #4 project makes our consumption cutbacks even more urgent. 

A delay in the Well #4 project will probably require Crestview to start buying this month imported water that costs ten times as much as pumped water.  This can be avoided only if shareholders immediately get on board with Crestview’s new mandatory conservation plan.  Let’s all adjust our sprinklers … Read more

The March 24 board meeting was rescheduled to March 31. 

The general manager’s report for the March 31 board meeting says a supplier backlog has delayed the Well #4 project.  Testing has been rescheduled to May 23.  That may not be soon enough to avoid the need to switch to expensive Calleguas water.

Crestview has received a report on preliminary … Read more