The March 24 board meeting was rescheduled to March 31. 

The general manager’s report for the March 31 board meeting says a supplier backlog has delayed the Well #4 project.  Testing has been rescheduled to May 23.  That may not be soon enough to avoid the need to switch to expensive Calleguas water.

Crestview has received a report on preliminary sound models showing operations of Well #8 will meet the City’s 45dB nighttime noise limit at the property line.  The consultant is designing a noise attenuation plan for the noisier construction phase.  That plan will probably include a 24-foot high sound wall surrounding the property plus sound absorbing material on the drilling rig itself.

Since the board has not yet approved the size of the 401(k) match, it appears the annual financial statements will go out after the March 30 statutory deadline.  The draft minutes of the February 24 and March 3 meetings were timely posted.

The board will consider proposals to spend $54,900 on three unbudgeted capital items.

There is nothing on the agenda about the annual meeting of shareholders to elect directors, usually held in April.

The agenda and board packet are here.  Call or email the office for Zoom credentials if you want to attend.

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