The trial to determine our groundwater pumping rights has been delayed for probably six months. 

The trial in the groundwater adjudication lawsuit to confirm the partial settlement agreement confirming the pumping rights of Crestview shareholders, has been put on hold by the Court of Appeal until after a hearing scheduled for May 11, 2022.  Apparently, a law firm is appealing a trial court ruling that the firm is disqualified from representing one of the parties in the trial, and the trial has to stop while that is being sorted out.

Those interested in reading a statement of what the settling parties (which include Crestview) say the legal and factual issues are and what they want the judge to rule after the trial can click here for the court filing.

Crestview shareholders are the actual holders of the groundwater rights.  Crestview has been representing us in this case since 2018 but has never given us even one report on what is going on.  Why not?  Crestview Watch is trying to fill this unfortunate vacuum with information in public documents.

3 Replies to “The trial to determine our groundwater pumping rights has been delayed for probably six months. ”

  1. This is great information. Thank you for taking the time to inform us.

    A very good friend is a hydrologist and geologist if we need another resource. He has worked on a number of cases like this.

  2. If we , the shareholder pay for the for the legal representation, and we will have to cary the consequence of it once it done.
    We need to be informed of every step before its done, as well as the reasons for each step.

  3. I am wondering if there is a way to sell our shares to another water company, such as the “Ventura County Water and Sanitation Department, Public Works Agency” to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by deficient knowledge or to avoid deliberately taking legal actions to benefit someone that bring significant economic damage to us.

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