Two water supply insights from our general manager’s January 27 report

If the Department of Water Resources releases less than 25% of its contractors’ demands, Calleguas will not be able to supply all of Crestview’s 2022 needs for imported water.  DWR’s release allocations are dependent on reservoir conditions and snowfall in northern California.  Its initial allocation for 2022 was 0%, the first time this ever happened.  It will issue its final allocation percentage April 1.

One of the contentions in the groundwater adjudication lawsuit initiated by agricultural interests is that lawn grass is not a “crop” and that water available for urban landscapes should have a smaller allocation than water for agriculture.  The dramatic reduction in Crestview water use during the December rains confirmed the GM’s estimate that we shareholders use 80-85% of our water outdoors. Implications: If the ag interests win the legal battle, by how much might Crestview’s pumping rights be reduced? If our pumping rights were a lot lower, a new well might not be a good investment, and we would have to buy more costly water–if we can get it.

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