Update on Crestview’s access to and need for imported water

Due to heavy rains in December, Calleguas Municipal Water District can probably get enough water from the State Water Project until about August and will be able to supply Crestview and its other customers through the rest of 2022 by drawing from reserves.

It had been expected that the State Water Project would deliver no water at all to southern California in 2022 and that mandatory conservation measures would be imposed. In 2021, SWP delivered only 5% of contracted volumes.  It appears the final allocation for 2022 will be 8-10%, according to advice given this week to the board of the Metropolitan Water District.  Calleguas’s reserves are inadequate for more than a year or two of recent low SWP deliveries without serious conservation measures.

Crestview imports about 20% of its needs.  Unless Crestview shareholders reduce consumption, or we have several years of above-normal local rain, this percentage can hardly go down.  Imported water costs roughly ten times as much as groundwater, and MWD expects to raise its rates by 8% in each of the next two years.

HOT TIP:  Did you know that any Crestview shareholder can arrange to receive a text or email when his/her smart water meter detects a leak?  Go to this tab on the Crestview website and follow directions to register at Eye on Water.  After registration, click the “Edit Leak Alert” button in the upper-left part of the screen and set the alert level at 1 gallon per hour (or a little higher if you like).  If your meter shows consumption above the set level during every hour of the day and night, that probably means there is a leak and you will get a text or email alert.

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