Use your online water meter readings to detect leaks, eliminate waste, and save money.

Recently one of our shareholders had to pay about $500 extra for water that leaked on his property unnoticed. This is not unusual.  During the December rains, the pipe serving Crestview’s office broke in two places.  There is a way to prevent such waste and minimize your water bill.

Crestview makes available a service called Eye on Water, which remotely monitors your meter every hour every day.  You can get access to this information online any time you want.  If there are not some hours when consumption is zero, you have a leak.  Your Tier 3 usage is costing you 1.55 cents per gallon.  If you leak only 1 gallon per hour, which you might not notice, that would be $11.16 in a month and $134 in a year.

You can also determine how much you use indoors and how much for irrigation.  When you or your gardener makes a change in the irrigation system settings, you can see the very next day how it affected your consumption.

You can compare months to months and years to years.  If your consumption has crept up over the years, maybe you can dial it back to the level of a prior year and still have your plants thrive.

To get access to Eye on Water, go to this tab on the Crestview website and follow the simple signup instructions.  Of our 625 shareholders, 279 have already signed up.

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