Well #4 is offline for “a few weeks,” and Well #6 will supply our whole system.

Today we found the following notice on the Crestview website:

On January 30th Crestview’s Well #4 was taken offline due to an electro-mechanical problem with the pump.  In the meantime, Well #6 is supplying water for all our shareholders with no issues.  We will need to pull the pump that sits at the bottom of the well for inspection.  This is unfortunate but with what we know, once the pump is extracted the problem can be solved within a few weeks of that time.

Well #6 is capable of supplying all of Crestview’s customers in the winter months and did so all of last winter.  (We need two operational wells only in the summer months when demand is high.)

The process of “pulling the pump” requires a crane to lift the roof off the pump house, after which the pump and 30 lengths of pipe are pulled out of the casing so the pump can be inspected, removed, and repaired.  This and re-installation was budgeted at $34,000 when similar work was done in the spring of 2022 to lower the Well #4 pump to 680 feet.  Repairs would be in addition to that.

When Well #4 was lowered in 2022, some modifications had to be made to accommodate alignment problems that had developed in the casing over its many years of service.  The General Manager advised then that these issues could result in the remaining useful life of Well #4 being as short as five years.  No doubt Crestview staff will be alert to any indications that the current failure just seven months later may be related to those larger problems.

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