Well #7 causing upheaval in Las Posas Hills Owners Association.

On November 1, owners of 11 lots (out of about 82) in Las Posas Hills submitted a demand for a special meeting of HOA shareholders to recall all five directors and elect replacements.  This is an escalation of the September 6 shareholder demand for a vote to amend the CC&Rs to allow “public or private water well[s]” anywhere in the HOA.  More here.

The HOA board had a regular meeting on October 24 and heard statements from shareholders.  It also received from the petitioners’ law firm a revision of their proposed amendment of the CC&Rs.  The board made no decisions but confirmed there would be a “town hall” meeting for all shareholders on December 5 to discuss CC&Rs.

The surprise recall petition demands that the board decide by November 21 whether and when it will call a special meeting for the recall/replacement votes.  According to the petition, the special meeting could be any time between December 6 and March 30, 2023.

The petitioners’ intent is to clarify an ambiguity in the CC&Rs that the County Board of Supervisors used as one of five bases for rejecting Crestview’s permit application for Well #7.  If the CC&Rs are amended, and the other four objections are also resolved, petitioners hope Crestview will refile the Well #7 application for the same location and get it approved.

In an email, Crestview declined to comment on whether it is supporting these petitions or if Crestview might be affected if the CC&Rs are amended to allow private water wells.

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