Well #8: City to solicit public comments on environmental report; Calleguas still supporting project.

The next step in Crestview’s Well #8 permit application is public comment on a draft Mitigated Negative Declaration report prepared by the City’s consultant (and paid for by Crestview).  Background information here.  The General Manager told the Board on June 30 that he expects the public comment period to open in “2 to 3 weeks.”  Written comments from the public and Crestview will be accepted for 30 days.  Then the consultant will address each comment and revise the draft report.

In related news, President Frank Mezzatesta reported that he had recently met with the president and senior staff of Callequas Municipal Water District to seek assurances that Calleguas still wants to pursue the Well #8 project.  Calleguas is funding the project to a limit of $3.3 million.  In particular, Mezzatesta sought, and got, oral assurances that Calleguas will extend the deadline for bringing Well #8 online because the October 2024 deadline is unattainable.  The Calleguas representatives were cordial and suggested that formally moving the deadline should come after the City permit is in hand and Crestview has a complete and realistic project schedule.

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