What questions would you like Board candidates to answer?

We want to interview all candidates for election to our Board, whether they are incumbents or challengers.  We plan to do this by email and publish responses with little or no editing.  We are eager to have reader comments on the following first draft of our questions. Please post a comment or write to editor@CrestviewWatch.org.

  1. Do you plan to serve for at least a full year if you are elected or reelected?
  2. If you are elected or reelected to this unpaid job, how many hours per average month do you expect to spend on Crestview matters?
  3. Will you make your email address and/or phone number available to shareholders for direct two-way communications on Crestview policy matters?
  4. In the past year, how many of the ten Board meetings have you missed?
  5. In the past year, what has the Board done best, and what has it done worst?
  6. To which issues should the Board give high priority in the next six months?  In 12 months?
  7. What are your thoughts about at least one of Crestview’s long-term challenges, perhaps including shrinking groundwater allocations, additional wells, ageing infrastructure, technology, finances, governance, urbanization, climate change?
  8. What else would you like shareholders to know about you and your campaign?

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